Augmented reality can return sight to the blind with a new pair of bionic glasses

Augmented Reality Technology

Bionics have always been considered to be well nestled in the realm of science fiction. There is no doubting that technology has progressed to a point in which the concept can be applied to the real world, but current applications of bionics are still cumbersome. A group of scientists from the Oxford University in London, however, may be pushing bionic technology to the next level, with the help of augmented reality. British researchers are working on a pair of high tech glasses that will, hopefully, help the blind see again.…

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Qualcomm backs augmented reality, shows off their technology at the Uplinq Conference

Uplinq Conference 2011

Earlier this month, Qualcomm, designers and suppliers of various mobile technologies, hosted the Ulinq Conference in San Diego, California. The conference attracted mobile app developers and representatives from giant wireless companies from around the country. The major point of interest during the conference was augmented reality and how it will be changing the mobile landscape in the years to come. Qualcomm showed off some innovative uses of the technology and how it could be used to transform mobile games and marketing campaigns into dynamic experiences. Qualcomm has been developing AR…

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