US Army wearable tech to collect biometric data for soldiers

US Army Wearable Tech - soldier with helmet and googles

The goal is to use the IVAS headset in the development of military artificial intelligence. US Army wearable tech intends to collect soldier biometric data in order to integrate these gadgets with several other forms of technology such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The outcome will be AR goggles that will enhance cybersecurity. Among the top technological military goals over the next year will be in user authentication. Network Cross-Function Team senior science and technology advisor Donald Coulter spoke at a C4ISRNET-hotsted webinar at the start of…

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US military tests augmented reality goggles for dogs

Augmented reality goggles - dog wearing goggles - military

The animals could one day find themselves wearing AR technology so solders can issue remote commands. New augmented reality goggles for dogs in the United States military could one day become standard gear for the working animals. This would provide soldiers with the ability to issue remote commands to the dogs during operations. The high-tech eyewear for dogs is under development by Seattle-based Command Sight. Command Sight has received US Army research funding to develop the augmented reality goggles for military dogs. The goal is to create gear that will…

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Augmented reality ski goggles will take the slopes to a whole new level

Augmented reality goggles video

Oakley has just released its new Airwave product to give skiers and snowboarders a new real time experience. Sports equipment manufacturing giant, Oakley, has now taken its first steps into the augmented reality universe as it has just announced the release of its new “Airwave” ski and snowboarding goggles that will provide users with up to the minute information statistics about their downhill experience, including altitude and speed. Additional features include the “buddy finder” and “jump analytics” software. These will help the skier and snowboarder to better understand their performance,…

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