Augmented reality is getting more attention for its practical applications as design firm develops a Touch Vision Interface

As augmented reality continues to become more advanced, much of the attention surrounding the technology is focused on its uses for entertainment and marketing. Many of the ways the technology has been used in recent times has branded it as novelty, along the same lines as 3D in the film industry. However, Teehan+Lax, an interactive design firm, is working to reverse the unjust branding of augmented reality technology. The company has developed a new software suite dubbed Touch Vision Interface that may bring a new dimension to augmented reality. The…

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Layar challenges developers to revitalize print industry through use of augmented reality

Layar AR Browser

In a world growing increasingly enamored with all things digital, the publishing industry has begun falling behind. While print still holds a treasured place in the hearts of an older generation, younger people are not convinced of the value of published works. The new generation believes that technology is the only viable form of media, claiming that print has little place in a digital era. Layar, pioneers of augmented reality, however, is not willing to let the publishing industry slide into obscurity. Layar is well known for its development of…

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Gamescom: Sony unveils three new augmented reality games during gaming convention.

gamescom 2012

One of the gaming world’s most prestigious events has arrived. Gamescom began early this week in Cologne, Germany, and drew in thousands of avid gamers from around the world. This year, developers have been hard at work creating the next generation of games and have succeeded in generating a massive amount of hype around their new products. At the convention, developers will be unveiling new information regarding their games as well as exclusive demonstrations of gameplay footage that has never been seen anywhere else. Sony is eager to show off…

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String Labs launches new AR platform, hopes to take AR to the next level Snap Shot

String Labs, a promising technology startup specializing in augmented reality, has launched their flagship AR product dubbed String. The company claims that it is the most powerful and efficient AR product available for the iOS platform. Perhaps one of the most promising aspects of the projects is its capability to interface with the Microsoft Kinect. The Kinect has been a subject of interest for developers of AR technology for its sophisticated motion capture abilities. The company is also releasing an SDK for any developer willing to expand and tweak the…

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