Augmented reality lens from Microsoft and the University of Washington in the final stages of development

Augmented Reality contact lens

Microsoft and the University of Washington are in the final stages of development for a new augmented reality project that may change the way people see the world. Early last year, the duo announced that they were working on an augmented reality contact lens. The lens could be used to enhance human vision like normal contact lenses, but it could also augment a person’s vision with digital information. Microsoft claims that the project will show just how practical augmented reality really is. Augmented reality is commonly used in the marketing…

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Wikitude Drive, setting the bar high for augmented reality browsers

Wikitude Drive Video

Augmented reality browsers are becoming a popular way for companies to show off their programming aptitude. With smart phones and mobile devices becoming capable of more advanced application, augmented reality technology has been pegged as the most promising advancement to come to the realm of mobile technology. AR may not be anything new, but the technology has garnered little attention in the past due to its complex nature and the overall lack of hardware able to support it. Now, however, AR is taking up most of the limelight when it…

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