iPhone sales should essentially level off this year

iphone 6 iphone sales

Analysts are predicting that this year will see nearly no growth at all for the Apple smartphone. If there’s anything Apple has never needed to worry about before, it’s been its iPhone sales, as the popularity of the brand has been very strong from the time that the smartphone was first invented. However, analysts are now predicting that this year’s sales growth will be just slightly more than 1 percent. When all is said and done, iPhone sales are remaining nearly flat, this year. That is a massive plummet from…

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Apple’s tablet commerce is drooping with sliding iPad sales volumes

ipad air 2 tablet commerce

The electronics giant isn’t seeing the record breaking sales it experienced in its newly released iPhones. While Apple has been thrilled about its holiday quarter forecast, following a 16 percent boost in iPhone sales that was even better than anticipated, it is still seeing slumping sales volumes in its tablet commerce as the latest iPads aren’t as hot among consumers as had been hoped. This is occurring even as the Mac computer shipments have seen the strongest shipments in years. Regardless of the slumping sales volume in tablet commerce, at…

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