Mobile technology war continues between Apple and Samsung

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The battle for the product ban continues despite the fact that a federal judge has ruled to the contrary. Even though a ruling made by a federal judge has stated that the mobile technology product infringements by Samsung should not ban that company from producing them, Apple still feels differently and is escalating its efforts to try to block that competitor from continuing with those offerings. Apple believes that the infringing products being sold by Samsung should be banned from now on. According to a mobile technology report made in…

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Apple patent hints at future of mobile payments

Apple mobile payments

Apple may be ready to get involved in NFC A new patent filed by Apple suggests that the company may be moving forward with its tentative mobile commerce plans. Apple has opted to take a cautious approach to the issue of mobile payments, having taken note of the serious security issues that are related to this practice. In recent years, the mobile space has been flooded with security problems that have caused significant financial damage to consumers and businesses alike. Mobile commerce has become an attractive target for hackers, and…

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Apple patent outlines possible future for mobile payments participation

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Patent could hint at mobile payments future for iPhone 5S There have been many speculations concerning the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone, the iPhone 5S. Much of this speculation has revolved around Apple’s recent acquisition of AuthenTec, a developer of security technology, and the use of fingerprint sensors in the new smartphone and what it could mean for Apple’s mobile payments plans. A new patent filing has been discovered in Europe through the World Intellectual Property Organization that has shed some light on what the future of the iPhone…

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Next iPhone may be equipped with NFC technology

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NFC technology could be features in next generation iPhone New rumors have already begun to circulate concerning the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 and production on the iPhone 5S is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Despite the fact that the smartphone is still fresh to the market, Apple may already have plans to develop a powerful new iPhone that will take the popular brand into a new generation. This time, the smartphone may actually include NFC technology. Rumors point…

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Apple wins patent for iWallet platform

Apple iphone iwallet

iWallet gains momentum through new patent award Apple has won a patent for its iWallet mobile commerce platform. Earlier this year, the technology company’s patent application for the platform was revealed, hinting at the company’s interest in mobile commerce. Time passed and it was revealed that the iWallet would be an integral part of the upcoming iPhone 5, which is equipped with NFC technology. Though Apple has announced that it will be taking a slow and steady approach to mobile commerce, the company is still showing its interest in establishing…

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