Mobile security fingerprint ID from Apple opened to designers

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The technology giant has announced that it will be opening up its identification tech to app creators. Apple has announced that it will be giving mobile app designers an additional option for mobile security by opening up its fingerprint ID feature that will enable them to toughen up the protection level by another layer. The announcement was made among a range of different revelations at the World Wide Developers conference. This was the 25th anniversary of the event and was the chosen venue for Apple’s announcement that it would be…

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NFC and fingerprints may be central to mobile payments from Apple

Apple virtual reality

The iPhone manufacturer is looking at the Australian company, causing many brows to raise. Rumors about NFC technology and mobile payments options with the added security of fingerprint scanning have been flying as Apple has shown an interest in an Australian company that is working on this form of “biosecurity”. This has been especially interesting following the release of the iPhone 5, which omitted NFC entirely. Many have wondered about Apple’s decision not to include NFC technology in its latest device, and there has been no shortage of expressions of disappointment…

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