Apple had plans for an augmented reality device, says ex-executive

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Apple put plans for an augmented reality device to rest Apple has been making headlines lately after revealing its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but the company has been attracting some unintended attention for its work on developing a head-mounted augmented reality system. Apple currently has no plans for such a system, but according to ex-Apple executive Tony Fadell, Apple had been working on an augmented reality system that could have been a rival to Google Glass at some point in the future. Wearable AR device could have…

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Apple takes aim at augmented reality, backed by new patent

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Apple wins new patent for augmented reality system Apple has set its sights on augmented reality for the future. The acclaimed technology company has long been a leader in the realm of mobile technology, but was dethroned last year by its staunch competitor Samsung. Google has also become one of the strongest competitors to the company, partly because of its ambitious work in the field of augmented reality. In order to reclaim its position as a leader in mobile technology, Apple has been investing more heavily into augmented reality to…

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Augmented reality showroom dazzles at SEAT

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This groundbreaking new use for the technology is making a splash in the U.K. This week, SEAT has been using a state of the art augmented reality experience within its showroom to help consumers to take a look into what the future may have to hold for them. The mobile marketing campaign uses the cutting edge Blippar application. The Blippar app can be used by way of an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone and implements the very latest in augmented reality technology in order to help consumers to see…

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Apple files patent for head-mounted augmented reality system

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Apple begins to show revitalized interest in augmented reality As one of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies, Apple is often on the cutting edge of gadgetry and the application of interactive technologies. The company has adopted a keen interest in NFC technology, which will be used in the company’s upcoming iPhone 5. NFC is not the only interactive technology that Apple is interested in, however, as it has begun showing more favor for augmented reality. The company seems to be reviving its augmented reality initiatives, many of…

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Google may be working on a new augmented reality product called “Goggles”

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Google has been working on developing new augmented reality eyeglasses that could change the way people see the world. Little is known about the technology company’s efforts, but 9to5Google, a company specializing in all things Google, claims that the new development will be markedly different from augmented reality headsets of the past. According to the company, Google’s new glasses will be lightweight and product that has a plethora of built-in features. Dubbed Google Goggles, the eyeglasses are expected to make use of augmented reality technology. Wearers will be able to…

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