Mobile commerce seeing boom of in-app purchasing

Mobile apps payments

Mobile commerce and app buying power drives ahead According to the CCS Insight and Distimo analyst firms’ joint App VU Global report, app developers are seeing that mobile commerce is becoming exceptionally strong through in-app purchases, boosting their own revenues as well as those for app stores such those at Apple and Google. Among the top 200 grossing apps at Google Play (formerly known as the Android Marketplace) and the Apple App Store, 60 percent of all revenue came from purchases made through apps on smartphones and tablets. The iPad…

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Mobile privacy…the end or the beginning?

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the right hands, technology can create limitless possibilities for the good of mankind. It seems lately, the development of technological devices has run farther ahead, than most of us can keep up with. However, the recent news of Apple and Android collecting data location information on mobile users brought it all to a momentary screeching halt. Face it, we all love our gadgets. Even if we can’t figure out how to make our new phones work right; technology has improved all our lives, to…

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