4 Apps that Bring Your Team Together When They’re Miles Apart

Mobile app development

You have Bob and Jeff spending several weeks a month in Brazil working with new clients, while Sam tries to find reliable suppliers in Asia. At the same time, Janice is searching for warehouse space in cities throughout the U.S. It may seem almost impossible at times to coordinate your team’s efforts on your various important projects. Thankfully, the same mobile devices that have unchained your workers from their office chairs can also help make team collaboration a breeze. With the right mobile apps, your employees will be able to…

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Top 5 Apps to Find Restaurants

If you’re sick of going to the same old eateries or need a really romantic restaurant to spice up your next date night, look to your smartphone for help. There are hundreds of smartphone applications designed to help users pick the perfect places to nosh, but with so many to choose from, you might end up at a shady spot with health code violations rather than the pristine cafe you had envisioned. Steer you and your dining companions in the right direction when it comes to chowing down on a…

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New free app to help consumers with credit ease

The explosion of growth in mobile technology has opened the door to convenience on the go. Mobile users can download apps that are efficiency tools. They can comparison shop on the move and now, they can also get access to their credit report. Equifax credit monitoring has just released a mobile app for Android system users. Equifax is a global leader in information solutions that is used by large and small businesses and individuals as well. Equifax has facilities in the U.S., with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices…

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