Dating app security issues may represent greater vulnerabilities than expected

dating app security

These applications may be placing the private information of their users at risk of exposure. A recent study analyzing the dating app security in some of the most popular applications has found some serious vulnerabilities. Kapersky labs conducted the research and has found that many of these mobile apps are not adequately protecting the private information of their users. The research found the mobile apps leave users vulnerable to hackers who can potentially identify the users. The lack of dating app security could then allow the hackers to steal the…

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Mobile security holes exist in 85 percent of apps

Mobile Security

A worldwide study has suggested that there are considerable privacy gaps present in most applications. Recently, a global study that was conducted on the type of mobile security that has been worked into apps in order to help to protect the privacy of the user, and it determined that the typical application is coming up short. The study was commissioned by the UK Information Commissioners Office (CIO). What the ICO study discovered was that 85 percent of the apps that were examined did not have adequate mobile security to protect…

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Mobile security issues raised with NSA use of popular apps

NSA mobile security and privacy

Commonly downloaded and used applications may be used to draw user data by the agency. The very latest in a rash of claims that have been made within the documents that were revealed by Edward Snowden has reportedly been the mobile security news that the NSA – as well as its counterpart in the United Kingdom, the GCHQ – is using apps such as Google Maps, Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr (to name only a few) to obtain user data. The intelligence agency has allegedly been using “leaky” apps…

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Mobile apps secretly sharing personal data targeted by FTC

Mobile app development

The Federal Trade Commission has announced its spotlight on information sharing with advertisers. The FTC has made an announcement of an important occurrence in the mobile apps industry as it has just issued its first settlement involving a slap on the risk for an application developer that had been secretly transmitting tens of millions of its users’ data to advertising networks. The accusation from the Federal Trade Commission was made against Goldenshores Technologies. Goldenshores Technologies is based in Moscow and among its most popular mobile apps was a flashlight application…

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