Mobile app development taught to female students on Women’s Day

Mobile app development international women's day

Startup Village initiative in India took the opportunity to give these participants an entry into a new career. A new mobile app development initiative in India took the opportunity presented to them through the recognition of International Women’s Day to provide about 40 female students with the chance to take part in a workshop that could help them to jumpstart their careers. This was organized by Startup Village with the assistance of the Indian Women Network (IWN) of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The participants in the workshop were…

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Mobile app development benefits from WWE

Mobile App development

When it comes to mobile marketing of applications, this organization is getting the job done. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization may not be the most obvious source of important marketing lessons for mobile app development firms, it remains a brand that has done an exceptional job at using smartphones, tablets, and social media to their very fullest. The lessons that can be learned by mobile marketing firms and application developers are surprising. This professional wrestling organization has turned itself into a master of mobile marketing, to the point that…

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Mobile app market shows popularity in surprising areas

mobile app market confusion

Although mobile app development may be for specific regions they can still rank highly where they are not served. The mobile app market can be a confusing place, and this trend has taken a new step up as applications have started showing up as having high ranks even in areas that they do not serve. This situation has been observed in on-demand ridesharing, black car, and taxi services. These applications, from companies such as Uber and Lyft, have been seeing extremely rapid growth in countries and cities around the world.…

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Mobile apps secretly sharing personal data targeted by FTC

Mobile app development

The Federal Trade Commission has announced its spotlight on information sharing with advertisers. The FTC has made an announcement of an important occurrence in the mobile apps industry as it has just issued its first settlement involving a slap on the risk for an application developer that had been secretly transmitting tens of millions of its users’ data to advertising networks. The accusation from the Federal Trade Commission was made against Goldenshores Technologies. Goldenshores Technologies is based in Moscow and among its most popular mobile apps was a flashlight application…

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LevelUp aims to make mobile payments more accessible to developers

QR Codes mobile payments

App developers could introduce mobile payments into their applications with LevelUp SDK Mobile payments firm LevelUp has launched its LevelUp Software Development Kit, which is designed to allow developers to accept mobile payments through their applications. The vast majority of applications are available at a very low price and many developers rely on in-app purchases in order to generate a profit from their creations. Without the ability to accommodate mobile payments, many of these applications struggle to produce any significant revenue, which is a problem that LevelUp is aiming to…

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New service provides businesses with tools for DIY smartphone apps

Mobile App Builder

Action App Corporation subsidiary, Andiamo Corporation, has unveiled a new service that will make it easier for companies to build feature-rich smartphone apps that can be used for effective mobile marketing. These apps will include the ability to use SMS text marketing – unlimited at no additional cost –and will add the business icon directly onto the handset of the user in order to drive awareness. ANDI CEO, Dustin Secor, said that every business that has a site now faces the responsibility of making that information available in a mobile-friendly…

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Walmart’s @WalmartLabs announces first apps to be released

Walmart Mobile Apps

Walmart, the largest retail chain in the world, formed its tech shop, @WalmartLabs, last year and is now preparing to release its first apps that focus on mobile commerce and social shopping. Several of the upcoming apps are based upon deep data technology, which was first created by Kosmix. MapUpdate was developed by that start-up, and was based upon a technology infrastructure that would allow tremendous amounts of social media data to be tracked. It was loosely based upon MapReduce technology, which was created by Google in order to track…

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Developers of Android apps can create products for Google TV ahead of 2011’s upcoming hardware


Google has announced a new preview version of its Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Google TV add-on, which is a software element that will give developers the ability to create apps for Google TV. Google TV for Android has been in operation since October 2010, and was met with a great deal of hype. That launch included significant hardware partners such as Logitech, Dish Network, Sony, and Intel. That said, retail sales weren’t quite what had been hoped for. The purpose of Google TV was to join the internet and…

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Verizon Wireless opens a center dedicated to the progress of augmented reality

Mobile App Builder

Augmented reality is beginning to make waves in the mobile industry. The technology has been around for a number of decades now, but it has only been recently that it has garnered any sort of acclaim. Initially, AR surfed on the heels of 3D technology, which drew in its own share of enthusiasm from both consumers and businesses. As the interest surrounding 3D wanes, however, AR has steamed ahead, and now more technology and telecommunications companies are taking notice. Verizon Wireless has been investing in AR technology for some time…

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Aegis Media buys stake in TigerSpike for $11 million

Augmented reality mobile marketing

The Aegis Group media buying and marketing division, Aegis Media, is giving its mobile activity and assets a significant boost by taking up a minority stake of an undisclosed size in TigerSpike. The $11 million purchase was made into the app developer for blue-chip companies such as News Corp., Telegraph Media Group, The Economist, and Mail Online. TigerSpike is also a provider of mobile media services for internationally recognized brand names. Though TigerSpike is a Sydney-based, it also has offices in New York and London, with intentions to establish themselves…

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IRCE offers iPhone apps basics in 2011 report

Mobile Marketing Tips

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition’s 2011 report demonstrated the increasing importance and benefit of marketing and sales via mobile device, and offered a crash course in the basics of apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. This information was presented at the annual event by Brad Wolansky, the CEO of the Golf Warehouse retailer, which is already receiving approximately 3 percent of their sales through the use of mobile devices – almost all of which were iPads and iPhones. In fact, through The Golf Warehouse m-commerce site, 84 percent of…

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