Apple App Store removes applications made in Iran due to U.S. sanctions

Apple app store

The iPhone maker issued a letter to Iranian developers informing them that their offerings have been cut. The Apple App Store has removed iOS applications made in Iran. The iPhone maker made this move in order to follow U.S. government sanctions against the Middle Eastern country. According to Iranian app developers, they received letters informing them of the action, but no warning. Dozens of developers said they were informed that the Apple App Store removed their applications. They were notified as it happened but were not warned in advance at…

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Vuforia continues to gain the favor of app developers

vuforia augmented reality video

Qualcomm draws more attention to Vuforia platform Acclaimed technology developer Qualcomm has been showing off its latest software at its IQ event in Berlin, Germany. The company has been keen to draw attention to Vuforia, its take on augmented reality software for a mobile device. Qualcomm bills Vuforia as a sort of “digital eye” for a smart phone and claims that it can bring objects to life through the use of augmented reality. Though Vuforia is often considered a mobile application, Qualcomm notes that it is much more than that.…

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Google provides developers with prep data for Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has released data to help developers to prepare for the upcoming launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) so that apps can be properly readied for the latest Android developments. Google’s official Android developer website’s lead tech writer, Scott Main, wrote in a blog post that the ICS design is meant for running on any screen size from smartphones to tablets with larger screens. That said, apps that have been created to run under Android 3.0 Honeycomb are designed to be “forward compatible”, which means that they will also be…

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New “Look” app features Sarah Jessica Parker for movie promo and fashion sales

Sarah Jessica Parker App

After playing trendsetter “Carrie Bradshaw” for so many years, Sarah Jessica Parker is known for starting the latest fashions and is now being featured in a new app that is not only designed to promote her latest film, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” but also offers users the opportunity to purchase styles associated with the actress. The app, developed by Skyrockit – the maker of the hit Zippo lighter app – also allows users to view profiles of the cast members of this most recent Weinstein Company film,…

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Domino’s Pizza adds iPad app to boost sales

Dominos ipad App

Domino’s Pizza has announced that they will be making the ordering process much easier for mobile device owners through their new iPad app that allows their customers to order and customize their favorite pizzas. The app allows U.S. and U.K. customers make their order no matter where they are, as long as they have their iPad device handy. It was developed by Somo. According to the Domino’s Pizza multimedia manager in Bedford, England, Nick Dutch, as the orders being made online were beginning to represent an increasing percentage of overall…

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Developers of Android apps can create products for Google TV ahead of 2011’s upcoming hardware


Google has announced a new preview version of its Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Google TV add-on, which is a software element that will give developers the ability to create apps for Google TV. Google TV for Android has been in operation since October 2010, and was met with a great deal of hype. That launch included significant hardware partners such as Logitech, Dish Network, Sony, and Intel. That said, retail sales weren’t quite what had been hoped for. The purpose of Google TV was to join the internet and…

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The world looks to the Apps World Asia 2011 for digital marketing developments

Apps World Asia 2011

Singapore is hosting the Apps World Asia 2011, as well as the Social Media World Forum Asia 2011, which will show the continent, and the world, some of the latest new developments in digital marketing technologies. These conferences will occur at the same time at the Suntec Convention Center, over September 1st and 2nd, and will draw the industry’s top brands and personalities in the world to discuss the use of apps and social media by organizations seeking to build the connection with their customers and grow their brand awareness.…

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Aegis Media buys stake in TigerSpike for $11 million

Augmented reality mobile marketing

The Aegis Group media buying and marketing division, Aegis Media, is giving its mobile activity and assets a significant boost by taking up a minority stake of an undisclosed size in TigerSpike. The $11 million purchase was made into the app developer for blue-chip companies such as News Corp., Telegraph Media Group, The Economist, and Mail Online. TigerSpike is also a provider of mobile media services for internationally recognized brand names. Though TigerSpike is a Sydney-based, it also has offices in New York and London, with intentions to establish themselves…

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