Is Rovio using an Angry Birds QR code to jump the shark, or is it genius?

angry birds qr code game app

The mobile games success story is now launching new barcodes, augmented reality and a new app. Rovio had held onto the most popular mobile games spot for a long time, but as its top title started to fade it is now using gimmicks like an Angry Birds QR code as a part of a new free app it has launched to draw a whole new wave of downloaders. The massively hyped Angry Birds Action! Has now been launched and, so far, players love it. While it is clear that Rovio…

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NFC for Angry Birds, Rovio seeking to connect players through technology

Angry Birds App

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is expected to boom in the coming years, largely spurred by the number of smart phones and mobile devices capable of interacting with the technology. NFC is getting a lot of attention after Google announced their mobile wallet program, leading many to believe that the future of the technology lies in mobile payments. However, NFC can be used for more than payments; it can be used to connect with other people, according to Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka. Vasterbacka is founder of Rovio, the company…

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