Google augmented reality goal is “100 million” devices before next spring

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The search engine giant is geared up to bring an AR technology to millions of devices throughout the winter. A recent Google augmented reality announcement revealed the search engine giant has plans to rival Apple in the AR technology sphere. The reason is that its future upcoming platform that will make it possible for Android phone users to use AR apps without hardware changes. Apple has been working on its own iOS update which will include a push toward augmented reality use. At the same time, a Google augmented reality…

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A new American startup company called has introduced a mobile payment system that allows consumers to photograph their credit card using the camera feature of their cell phone, removing the need to manually type the card’s information into the phone’s mobile wallet using the keypad. Smartphone apps activate the camera device on the device when using the software from when the user is ready to pay for the purchase. The customer must then center the image of the credit card inside a green frame defined on the screen…

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