American government and military to use smartphones that can handle classified document exchanges

US Military uses augmented reality for training

According to individuals taking part in the project, some officials in the United States will be receiving smartphones this year, which are capable of handling the exchange and transfer of government documents by way of cellular networks. The phones will be functioning on a specially modified version of the Android operating system by Google, which is being developed as an element of a broader initiative that includes the participation of several federal government agencies and contractors. The first people who will be receiving these smartphones, according to the people involved…

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Number of adult American QR code users increases by 1 percent since 2010

QR code

A new Forrester Research study’s findings have been released, and they show that among American adults, 5 percent are using QR codes with their smartphone devices. This is an increase of 1 percent over last year’s figures. When compared to the adoption by consumers, QR code reading software has grown significantly more quickly, while at the same time the adoption of the codes by companies using the 2 dimensional barcodes as a part of their marketing strategy has grown at a notably slower rate. According to Julie Ask, the author…

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Visa’s strategy for mobile payment domination

Visa Mobile Payments News

Credit card and other large companies are diving into mobile and digital payment technologies head first, forming aggressive strategies with purchasing and partnerships in order to ensure their space at the top of the game. Both American Express and MasterCard have been making deals and have been choosing the technologies that they believe will lead the way for mobile payments. Visa has also made as series of significant moves recently, which include the assumption of an advisory position in Square (a disruptive startup), the $110 million acquisition of Fundamo (a…

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PayPal shows off their NFC add-on for Android, seeks to trump Google’s mobile wallet

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

PayPal, the pioneer of online payments, has been embattled in a legal battle with Google recently. The company claims that Google’s new mobile wallet infringes upon an already existing concept, which lies firmly in the ownership of PayPal. While the unrest between the two companies continues, PayPal has unveiled the very product which started all the fuss. At the MobileBeat 2011 conference in San Francisco, California, the company showed off their new NFC Android widget. The add-on, named PayPal Touch, allows for the transfer of money between two NFC-enabled mobile…

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