NFC technology from Thinfilm may change the Android experience

NFC Technology

The company is the first to use near field communication to commercialize printed rewriteable memory. Thinfilm has announced that it is now the first business to have commercialized printed rewritable memory through the use of NFC technology that it produces on a printable label. The company has managed to create the first near field communication compatible printed smart label. At the moment the NFC technology enabled smart label functions with Android devices that are compatible with near field communication. The reason that this is significant is that it gives companies…

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Google reaches out to business owners


  Google makes a bold move to interact with local small and medium businesses; in person. Not through the help forum or a mailed ad campaign, but actually in person, shake hands, let’s sit and talk. This shows that Google is getting it. People need to put a face with a service; we still need a certain level of human interaction.   Anyone who uses Google (or used to use Google) knows how hard it is to get help from a live person. Google’s head of local consumer marketing has…

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Make it, chip it and ship it – New NFC phones coming faster than we think!

A recent report shows that mobile payment technology may be here sooner than we think. Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chips enabling the Near Field Communications (NFC), will be in most Smartphone’s coming out this year. The survey shows around 23 million phones being NFC enabled by the end of this year.  In three years that number is predicted to be around 300 million. Mobile devices hit a growth point where they didn’t grow anymore. They exploded. Now over 70 percent of the entire world population has a mobile phone. In the…

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Why isn’t Apple taking a bite out of NFC trend?

Apple mobile payments

  Almost all the major producers in the Smartphone arena are making sure the new products being released this year are NFC enabled; with one exception. Near Field Communication (NFC) phones are on the brink of turning mobile commerce and marketing on their heads. So why would Apple be holding out? Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has stepped up recently as the forerunner with the most promising future in mobile commerce. Because of its flexibility to be more than just a “wave and pay” type system, ease of use and…

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Riding the next big m-commerce wave with NFC tags

Near Field Communications Technology

Developers and businesses alike are scurrying to get the coveted number one spot in the mobile payment platform. Right now, this is relatively a wide open field. But has everyone been overlooking a system that’s been in the works for over a year now? Many say that Near-Field Communications (NFC) is on the verge of tipping all other payment methods on their head. NFC has been in the works, but flying under the radar for quite awhile now. Some of last year’s phones by Nokia, Samsung and Android all ready…

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