NFC technology from Thinfilm may change the Android experience

NFC Technology

The company is the first to use near field communication to commercialize printed rewriteable memory. Thinfilm has announced that it is now the first business to have commercialized printed rewritable memory through the use of NFC technology that it produces on a printable label. The company has managed to create the first near field communication compatible printed smart label. At the moment the NFC technology enabled smart label functions with Android devices that are compatible with near field communication. The reason that this is significant is that it gives companies…

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Google reaches out to business owners


  Google makes a bold move to interact with local small and medium businesses; in person. Not through the help forum or a mailed ad campaign, but actually in person, shake hands, let’s sit and talk. This shows that Google is getting it. People need to put a face with a service; we still need a certain level of human interaction.   Anyone who uses Google (or used to use Google) knows how hard it is to get help from a live person. Google’s head of local consumer marketing has…

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