Older Android versions are continuing to die away

Android versions like Marshmallow

The latest stats have shown that Froyo finally kicked the bucket in January, so that Gingerbread is now the oldest. Gingerbread is now the oldest among the Android versions still active. This change occurred in January 2017 when Froyo breathed its last breath, according to official Google statistics. The latest Google stats pretty much confirmed what many had been predicted, with a few little surprises. The latest data released about the various Android versions didn’t shock too many people when they revealed that Gingerbread is now the oldest active form…

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Android Lollipop based BlackBerry Passport spotted online

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The rumors about a handset based on that operating system have been flying and now images are popping up. For a few weeks, the rumors of a BlackBerry Passport that would run on a version of the Android operating system have been picking up from having been only whispers before that time. Now, the rumors are being seen as more likely to be true than ever now that a video has been shared online. The video shows a Silver BlackBerry Passport that is running on Android Lollipop for the very…

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