mobiManage announces launch of mobile content management system for apps and websites


mobiManage has announced the release of the second generation of its mobile CMS systems, precisely four years after the initial American release of the original systems. This latest release includes upgrades to the feature designs and a completely new engine. IT offers a single platform on which Android and iPhone apps alike, as well as mobile websites and tablet products can all be managed. These latest upgrades also provide capabilities for adding features for mobile marketing to an app or website, including QR codes and NFC tags, banner ads, and…

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New study asks: Do Apple or Android apps crash more frequently?

Mobile apps payments

Crittercism, an analytics company, has announced the release of its new report which has shown that iOS apps have a greater tendency to crash than Android apps. However, many mobile experts are wondering if this is truly a problem with Apple apps or whether this is simply a typical occurrence in the app arena when the operating system or its upgrades have only just been released. The crash survey performed by Crittercism evaluated over 214 million app launches between the months of November and December 2011, in order to decide…

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Android moves into iPad’s former territory with the help of Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Mobile Commerce

According to data from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, Google can credit the sales of Amazon’s Kindle Fire with the significant growth of the Android operating system’s market share in 2011’s last quarter. The new Flurry data was based on measurements of app sessions on over 90 percent of devices running on Android. It indicated that between the fourth quarters of 2010 and 2011, Android gained an additional 10 percent of the tablet market share, so that it now sits at 39 percent, overall. The Kindle Fire tablet hit the…

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App searches to become simplified

Mobile apps payments

When apps first started becoming popular, there weren’t enough of them to worry about the state of the marketplace and its overall search-ability, but as smartphones and tablets have become much more commonplace, app-related search engines have become far too messy to continue as they are in 2012. The mobile world has become a chaotic battle for developers to try to have their apps discovered, even when device users are seeking those apps specifically. The stores and search engines for apps are finally now beginning the improvements to their support…

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Forrester names some of the top brands for their mobile experiences

Mobile Commerce Industry

Though mobile does allow smartphone and tablet users access to the web, mobile has a great deal more to it than that, as it provides companies and brands with the chance to build next-generation experiences for consumers and add to the potential for convenience. Brands are able to engage their clients and form deep relationships that will continue over the long-term, assuming that they have performed in an innovative and contextual manner that uses the power of the technology to develop the type of experience that the user will find…

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Developers of Android apps can create products for Google TV ahead of 2011’s upcoming hardware


Google has announced a new preview version of its Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Google TV add-on, which is a software element that will give developers the ability to create apps for Google TV. Google TV for Android has been in operation since October 2010, and was met with a great deal of hype. That launch included significant hardware partners such as Logitech, Dish Network, Sony, and Intel. That said, retail sales weren’t quite what had been hoped for. The purpose of Google TV was to join the internet and…

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Android compatible QR Pal code scanner released to combine scanning and sharing

QR code App

United Kingdom-based QR Pay Ltd., has unveiled its latest Android compatible application in the form of its new QR Pal Mobile Phone app product. This new app was created to increase the usefulness of the typical QR code scanner, by permitting additional features after scanning, such as storing the barcode and sharing it among friends. It also provides an additional “Safe Browsing” element, in addition to a payment facility, so that it is the first QR code scanner app that places focus on security. According to CTO Chris Cooke, from…

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IRCE offers iPhone apps basics in 2011 report

Mobile Marketing Tips

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition’s 2011 report demonstrated the increasing importance and benefit of marketing and sales via mobile device, and offered a crash course in the basics of apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. This information was presented at the annual event by Brad Wolansky, the CEO of the Golf Warehouse retailer, which is already receiving approximately 3 percent of their sales through the use of mobile devices – almost all of which were iPads and iPhones. In fact, through The Golf Warehouse m-commerce site, 84 percent of…

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Mobile privacy…the end or the beginning?

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the right hands, technology can create limitless possibilities for the good of mankind. It seems lately, the development of technological devices has run farther ahead, than most of us can keep up with. However, the recent news of Apple and Android collecting data location information on mobile users brought it all to a momentary screeching halt. Face it, we all love our gadgets. Even if we can’t figure out how to make our new phones work right; technology has improved all our lives, to…

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Canadian newspaper QR code links to mobile website

Newspapers QR Codes

The Drumheller Mail, a community newspaper in Alberta, Canada, is the lates in a line of newspapers that is making use of QR codes. The codes had already appeared in advertisements that have appeared in the newspaper, but now they will be used to connect readers to online content. QR codes are still quite unfamiliar and many readers have yet to make use of them, prompting the newspaper to take measures to educate their readers on how to use them. The codes will allow readers to seamlessly connect to online…

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