How to Build a Successful Business in the Age of Data

Information technology has led to burgeoning demand for more types of information and more uses for the information that is available, which is why the demand for online business analytics masters could be increasing. We have moved into a data age where information is currency and businesses that can harness information for their clients can reap the benefits. What is the data age? As technology improves, so too has the ability to generate and save large amounts of information and company specific data. With courses such as online business analytics…

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Retailers are seeing a greater need to engage in mobile commerce

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

Mobile commerce remains an elusive issue for most of the retail industry, but analytics can help Retailers are beginning to turn to mobile technology in order to better understand consumers. Smartphones and tablets are seemingly omnipresent in the modern age. Many consumers have begun to rely on these devices quite heavily in their daily lives, and many of these people are using their devices to shop online and at physical stores. Because consumers are becoming more mobile, retailers are working to better understand their shopping habits. Without a comprehensive understanding…

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TheQRust – Tag it – Scan it – Rate it!

Feature Article: theQRust – Tag it – Scan it – Rate it! PRESS RELEASE: theQRust is a unique reviewing platform which addresses the problem of false reviews and empowers business and product owners with instant, useable customer feedback and long-term performance data. Created by theQRust team in South Africa, will be of use to any business, product or event which relies on customer feedback. Features • Currently uses QRust Tags with embedded QR codes to ensure reviews are from genuine customers.• Provides a quick and easy way for customers to…

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Taking a look at the mobile marketing industry headliners

Mobile Marketing News

Mobile advertising and marketing has taken the digital marketing industry by storm and the media has not failed to notice. From analytics to SMS and from display advertising to marketing metrics, businesses of all sizes around the world are connecting with current and prospective customers through their mobile devices. In analytics, iLoop Mobile and Webtrends have held the largest headlines recently as the mobile market enabler announced that it has taken on the mobile analytics company as its partner. That said, iLoop Mobile will be gaining a great deal more…

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M-Commerce: The new look and feel of marketing today

Several retailers have given their opinion about what mobile commerce (m-commerce) should be like in the coming years. Everyone has agreed that the consumer will drive the demand for the type of services they want from a business. Surprisingly, many see social media playing a big part in m-commerce, and how the company incorporates that will have everything to do with their success or failure. Companies know that social media isn’t a fad; it has completely changed the way we do business and the way we communicate. In the same…

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