American mobile payments infrastructure half a decade behind India’s

mobile payments infrastructure adoption trends

Ezetap CEO, Bobby Bose, recently stated that the Indian systems are “five years ahead of the U.S.” The American mobile payments infrastructure is far from a global leading marketplace, according to recent Ezetap CEO statements. The head of the Indian mobile payment firm, Bobby Bose, said that his home country’s infrastructure “is probably five years ahead of the U.S.” India is undergoing a massive shift toward the digital marketplace and most consumers are choosing mobile. “India is going through a digitalization of almost everything. It started with commerce, went to…

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Americans more confident in mobile payment security than global average

visa mobile payment security iphone

Ninety-four percent of people in the U.S. are comfortable with wallet app security levels. Consumers are placing a growing level of trust in mobile payment security and smartphone based shopping, particularly in the United States. In fact, many consumers expressed greater confidence in their devices than the security of stores themselves. Interestingly, while the United States has not seen rapid adoption rates for mobile wallets, it doesn’t seem to be a lack of trust presenting the greatest barrier. This goes against many of the main predictions about the use of…

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Peer to peer mobile payments starting to make US smartphone transactions relevant

young women teens peer to peer mobile payments

Though the majority of consumers have yet to start paying for products with devices, they are showing interest. Recent figures show that peer to peer mobile payments are starting to give smartphone transactions a boost in the US. That category of mobile wallet use is seeing the most rapid growth by far. In store mobile payments to purchase goods and services are still seeing notably slower growth. Peer to peer mobile payments has remained the category of transactions consumers in the US are most likely to use on their devices.…

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Mainstream adoption is eluding mobile payments

mobile payments credit card

Mobile commerce continues to be on the cusp of going mainstream Mobile payments have been on the verge of becoming mainstream for years now. The idea is attractive to people that have become very reliant on smartphones and tablets, but it has yet to take hold with most people. The idea of shopping from a mobile device is very similar to the concept behind e-commerce. Shopping online is, perhaps, one of the most significant trends to emerge in the retail and business sectors in the past decade. In general, however,…

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Mobile payments may find strong growth in the US

Mobile Payments market trends

The US may become a prominent mobile commerce market in the near future Mobile payments may be set to see explosive growth in the U.S., according to analysis from BI Intelligence. The firm has estimated that global mobile commerce spending in 2013 reached $223 billion, approximately 4% of the total credit and debit transactions made in that year. The U.S. has been lagging behind the Asian-Pacific and African markets, however, U.S. consumers have been growing more interested in mobile commerce over the past year. Mobile transactions continue to find strong…

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Mobile payments apps are not all created equal

mobile payments banking check deposit

Xtreme Labs has conducted a study that reported on the winners and losers in these applications. The results of a study that was performed by Xtreme Labs have just been released, revealing the ratings that American consumers have applied to various mobile payments and banking apps in the United States. The report clearly showed that there were a number of well liked applications as well as those that were entirely disliked. The analysis was performed using customer reviews that were officially submitted to the Apple App Store and to the…

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Mobile payments could grow tremendously among underbanked Americans

Mobile Payments

This demographic in the United States is now seen to be a key player in the growth and success of the transactions. Current estimates show that in the United States, there are 68 million people who are considered to be underbanked, and the majority of them are highly familiar with cell phones, which makes them ideal candidates for benefiting from what mobile payments have to offer. This can mean that if the market is able to crack this demographic, it could have the potential for tremendous growth. The primary hurdle…

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Mobile payments show signs of taking off in US

mobile payments banking check deposit

The latest figures show that approximately 12 million Americans have been depositing checks using smartphones and tablets. According to the latest numbers, estimates regarding the use of mobile payments in certain areas are actually higher than many of the predictions had expected them to be. While smartphone wallets continue to struggle to take off, certain banking behaviors are skyrocketing. The check deposit sector of mobile payments has proven to be faster in its growth and stronger overall than even the most bullish advocates of the industry had predicted. This particular…

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Mobile payments use in the United States has doubled


Survey by IDC Financial Insights shows that Americans are embracing smartphone transactions. According to a mobile payments survey conducted by IDC Financial Insights, there has been a doubling in the popularity of transactions completed through smartphones in the United States. The research was conducted in May 2012 and looked into emerging pay method technologies. What it discovered was that 33 percent of respondents had used their devices for mobile payments at least once. It also identified significant growth in the area of prepaid cards. The report on the results indicated…

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IDC mobile payments data shows one in three American consumers use these transactions

Mobile payments platform

A third of all shoppers in the United States use their smartphones or tablets to pay for things. IDC has just released the results of its 2012 Consumer Payments Survey and has determined that 33 percent of Americans had used mobile payments. The majority of these transactions were through iTunes, PayPal Mobile, and Amazon. This survey included purchases and bill payments made by way of smartphones or tablets for buying digital goods, making contactless payments through NFC technology, and apps that allow devices to become a mobile payments channel alternative…

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