Isis announces new mobile commerce services

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis adds American Express Serve to mobile commerce platform Mobile commerce platform Isis now leverages the services associated with the American Express Serve platform. Isis is a joint venture from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless and has managed to establish a relatively strong following in the world of mobile commerce. The platform is in direct competition with Google’s own mobile commerce platform, called the Google Wallet. Isis has managed to gain a significant advantage over the Google Wallet by winning the support of many of the world’s major financial institutions.…

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Amex makes large step into making its digital wallet international


American Express has announced that it will be making an important move to widen the reach of its digital wallet, Serve, into the international marketplace. This move makes Amex the first credit card company to launch a global partnership for the digital wallet with Lianlian Group, one of the top mobile payments providers in China. Furthermore, American Express has also invested $125 million in equity into Lianlian Pay. The Serve digital wallet is an integration of a number of different types of payment option into one account for the user,…

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