Christmas shopping season sees notable increase in mobile payments from barcodes

Mobile Shopping

Mobile payments throughout the holiday shopping season broke a number of important records according to many large retail chains. Many have reported that the heart of the reason that so many people started using their mobile devices to make purchases was because of the increasing use of barcode scanners that allow them to rapidly make price comparisons online so that they could find the least expensive offer, and buy it right away. John Lewis, a large retail store chain in the United Kingdom, has reported that the number of visits…

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Amazon launches Price Check mobile app to provide consumers with discount opportunities

Amazon Mobile technology App

Amazon has announced to its consumers that it has made a Price Check mobile app available for comparison shopping throughout the holiday season. This new application provides shoppers with an additional discount on their purchase worth 5 percent, so that they can save more money with their gift buying. Starting on December 10th, Amazon’s Price Check app users will receive an additional discount of 5 percent, up to five dollars, off up to three items that they purchase among the music, DVD, electronics, toys, and sporting goods qualifying products. The…

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Shoppers prepare to skip Black Friday lines with mobile deals

Mobile Payments

As retailers gear up to bring shoppers into their stores for the Black Friday sales this year, online merchants are also arming themselves for their own selling strategy, which will include a range of deals that are available only to online consumers, geared toward people stuck in long lineups. Amazon’s Sam Hall has been encouraging shoppers to use their smartphone’s price check app to make sure that they’re always betting the best deals. Gilt Groupe, which usually starts its multi-site sales at noon, has announced that it will begin its…

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