Mobile ad network launch on the way at Amazon

amazon go app mobile ad network payments

The massive e-commerce marketplace is now turning itself into a rival for Facebook, Google, and other giants. Amazon, the massive e-commerce marketplace, has now revealed that it is going to make a brand new move in the device sphere, as it will be creating its own mobile ad network in order to compete with Google and Facebook in this area. The company has long been heavily involved in the creation and selling over mobile devices. Not only does Amazon sell over m-commerce, but it has its own range of devices…

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Mobile marketing could benefit from the Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon fire tablet smartphone jeff bezos mobile marketing

While it has yet to be seen whether or not this device will take off, it still represents a considerable advertising opportunity. The Amazon Fire Phone has been making technology news headlines since its first release, and while the first real figures regarding its overall popularity will require a great deal more time before they can be released, what is known is that the nature of the device is proving to offer an incredible mobile marketing opportunity. The reason is that the mobile device is heavily focused on m-commerce, which…

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