Augmented reality application from Amazon boosts live scanning capabilities

Amazon mobile commerce

The Flow AR app for Android devices provides the ability for multiple products and text to be scanned. Amazon’s Flow augmented reality app functions by hovering the mobile device camera feature over a product, such as a Blu-ray or a book, so that the online retailer can retrieve that item’s information. The A9 subsidiary of Amazon has said that the new Android version of flow has much greater capabilities. For example, its augmented reality app version is based on a much faster system that is capable of scanning several items…

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Amazon Flow comes to Android devices

Android mobile commerce

Application combines augmented reality with barcode scanning technologies A9, a subsidiary of Amazon and developer of mobile technologies, has announced that its new augmented reality and barcode scanning application is now available for Android mobile devices. The application, called Amazon Flow, was officially unveiled in 2011, when it was made available for iOS devices. A9 noted the success of the application and had determined that it would be a viable and popular tool for the Android crowd. The Android version of the Amazon Flow application is now available on Amazon’s…

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