Amazon Echo adds option to use Samuel L Jackson’s voice

Amazon Echo - Amazon Device

Google Assistant users aren’t the only ones who can change the default voice on their smart device. Amazon Echo now has a unique new option available for users who would rather listen to Samuel L Jackson than the default voice. The company recently launched its celebrity voice program which will soon include several new sounds. Samuel L Jackson is the first voice being added to the new celebrity voice options for the Amazon Echo. The program was first unveiled in September, so users knew that it was on its way.…

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Focals smart glasses intend to succeed where Google and Intel failed

Focals Smart Glasses - North

A Canadian company is aiming to provide people with the smart glasses experience they actually want. North, an Ontario-based company previously called Thalmic Labs, is launching its Amazon-backed Focals smart glasses. The goal of this wearable technology is to provide mobile users with an intuitive way to check notifications, check the weather, read and respond to text messages, plan a commute with Uber, speak with Alexa and more. The major difference between Focals and previous smart glasses models, is that North’s product is stylish, practical and designed for everyday wear.…

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Amazon Alexa ads limited to music, radio and flash briefings

amazon app - mobile commerce - smartphones

The online marketplace has gone ahead and decided to ban advertisements in other parts of its mobile digital assistant. New rules are in place for Amazon Alexa ads which have now been banned except in music, radio and flash briefings. The company has altered its Alexa Skills Kit policies. The changes were made quietly but made a notable difference to the way advertisements can run with Alexa as they have been primarily banned. The new bans on mobile marketing with the Alexa app had noticeably fewer bans on ads. The…

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Your Amazon Alexa may soon make phone calls

Amazon Alexa Echo

An upcoming version of the device may also be able to work as an intercom, say certain reports. According to a number of sources, a future version of Amazon Alexa will be unveiled which makes it possible to make phone calls initiated via voice command. The system would also make it possible for people to talk to each other through an intercom feature. The sources, which have been cited in several reports, have said that the company has been beta testing the new Amazon Alexa hardware internally. Moreover, they said…

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Pebble Core will feature Amazon Alexa Voice Services and fitness tracking

Pebble Core - Pebble smartwatch wearable technology

The wearable technology will also introduce a GPS tracker free of a smartphone as well as a music player. The smartwatch market will see a considerable change in the offerings from one of its original players in 2017 when the Pebble Core is launched with a spectrum of new features never before seen in previous generations of this wearable tech. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched for what will be a 3G smartwatch meant to be a complete package. The Pebble Core is set to launch in January 2017.…

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