The top 4 important things to understand about call tracking

call tracking

Mobile phones have made communication easier over the years. A study conducted in the U.S concluded that business calls from search, social media, display, and other paid ads have increased by 110 percent since 2014. With several customers opting to call businesses, marketers need to track, attribute, and report on calls. By including offline calls and web-based conversations, marketers can determine the value they bring to advertisers. Over the past three years, AdWords has increased its ability to track and attribute phone conversations. If you are yet to realize the…

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Upcoming Google mobile marketing trends


Google has announced three new important upgrades to its mobile marketing offerings, reflecting the direction of current and future mobile trends toward being shopper- and local-friendly. Among these new adjustments is a feature that will help mobile device users to access landing pages for businesses much more quickly. The new mobile app extensions service is currently still in their beta form, but it permits companies to continue to use Google search ads to build their branded app download numbers, or to send a user directly to their company landing page…

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