New wearable technology acts like a “smart” mood ring

smartwatch new wearable technology

The latest smart wearables tech can determine the tone of a conversation and the speaker’s mood. There are now new wearable technology devices such as smartwatches that can do what mood rings never could. Instead of “sensing” your mood through the temperature of your finger, these devices use several sensors to determine the mood of a conversation. The wearable tech can use vitals and speech patterns to predict the tone of an ongoing conversation. In this way, the new wearable technology can tell if a conversation is happy, neutral or…

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McDonald’s fitness bands have now been recalled due to skin irritation

mcdonald's fitness bands happy meal recall US Canada

The fast food chain had already stopped giving them out in Happy Meals and now the devices are recalled. The McDonald’s fitness bands have reached a new level of irritation for the fast food chain. Initially, it had been complaints of skin irritation, now that has risen to the level of burns. To protect the safety of its customers, it has recalled the Step-It wristbands. Unfortunately, this will be a massive undertaking as it had already sold over 32 million Happy Meals containing them. The McDonald’s fitness bands had been…

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Wearable tech dropped by Nike

Nike Fuelband wearable technology fitness band

It looks like the FuelBand is no more as the brand has decided to slash its tracker device from its product line. In a wearable tech announcement that took many completely by surprise, it looks as though Nike will be cutting back jobs, and at the same time, it is getting rid of its FuelBand fitness tracker device while it’s at it. There has yet to be official confirmation of this news from the company, itself, but it is being taken seriously Reports are breaking out throughout the web that…

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