Wearable technology offerings expand in the US With Liquid Leap+

wearable technology acer liquidleap+

Acer has brought this new device to the shelves in the form of an $80 fitness tracker. In the consumer electronics industry, there is one area that has been explosive in its growth over the last while, and that is wearable technology, particularly when it comes to health and fitness tracking. Now, Acer has announced that it is bringing its Liquid Leap+ into the mix to add another option in the U.S. In wearable technology, there are already quite a few players that have made their way to the top…

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Wearable technology gets weirder with the Selfie Hat from Acer

Acer Selfie Hat - wearable technology

This new and highly unique device has been called everything from hilarious to scary – it’s certainly different. Acer has just taken a much more light hearted approach to wearable technology with its oversized, vibrant pink, glittering selfie hat, which has certainly carved out a whole new branch of this tech category. Recently, the Selfie Brush made its way into the world, and now the obsession with taking one’s own picture is growing. The Selfie Hat, from Acer, is a massive piece of headwear, reminiscent of a tremendous beach hat…

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The A War…Apple vs. Android: A fight for first place

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Android technology may be overtaking Apple by 2012. IT and technology experts who attended the Droidcon developers’ summit in Berlin last week, are confident that Android has what it takes to be the new number one. Android is the open source software developed by Google. In the last three years Apple has sold more than 85 million iPhones and iPod touch devices. Statistics from late 2010 show that Google’s Android phones rose in sales so rapidly, they outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. Google’s phones made up…

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