Enhancing Video Game Design with QR Codes

Quick response codes are already used in a variety of multimedia formats, from product packaging to websites. They can now be scanned using apps on most smartphones, becoming ever more ubiquitous as fun ways to share information. One interesting venue in which QR codes can be used to enrich the user experience is within gaming. Today’s video games are already highly technologically advanced, giving users the ability to step into virtual realities and play games from the viewpoint of highly complex characters. It’s helpful to take a closer look at…

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Augmented reality helmet could set the standard for more practical uses of the technology

Augmented reality continues to generate a fair amount of buzz for its uses in entertainment and advertising, but the practical uses of the technology are beginning to garner more attention. Scientists and electronic engineers have long theorized that the technology could be used to restore sight to the blind or help people with sensory disabilities experience the world in a new way. Tackling such problems is a lofty goal, however, and some believe that more can be learned by utilizing the technology to solve more mundane problems. Maxence Parache, a…

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Augmented reality is getting more attention for its practical applications as design firm develops a Touch Vision Interface

As augmented reality continues to become more advanced, much of the attention surrounding the technology is focused on its uses for entertainment and marketing. Many of the ways the technology has been used in recent times has branded it as novelty, along the same lines as 3D in the film industry. However, Teehan+Lax, an interactive design firm, is working to reverse the unjust branding of augmented reality technology. The company has developed a new software suite dubbed Touch Vision Interface that may bring a new dimension to augmented reality. The…

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Gamescom: Sony unveils three new augmented reality games during gaming convention.

gamescom 2012

One of the gaming world’s most prestigious events has arrived. Gamescom began early this week in Cologne, Germany, and drew in thousands of avid gamers from around the world. This year, developers have been hard at work creating the next generation of games and have succeeded in generating a massive amount of hype around their new products. At the convention, developers will be unveiling new information regarding their games as well as exclusive demonstrations of gameplay footage that has never been seen anywhere else. Sony is eager to show off…

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Occipital looks to usher in a new generation of augmented reality

RedLaser Barcode Scanner App

Occipital, an ambitious computer software company based in California, has recently finished their latest phase of fundraising efforts, netting more than $7 million in funding that will be used for the development of next-generation augmented reality technology. The company is well known for their RedLaser barcode scanning app, which was released last year. Occipital is expanding its repertoire into augmented reality, believing that the technology is the next step in the evolution of computer technology. Occipital’s next venture will be based upon their 360 Panorama app, which captures panoramic images…

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