QR Codes to Offer 3D Printed Objects New Anti-Counterfeiting Protection

QR Codes - 3D Printing Machine

Ensuring that a printed item is the real thing is now possible, thanks to the scientists who built an “exploded” QR (quick response) code into it. The number of products manufactured via 3D printing keeps increasing, therefore the potential for counterfeiting those products also rises. That is where QR codes come in. Quality Parts in 3D Printing Services Engineering scientists at the New York University have developed a system which tells 3D printers to include hundreds of tiny elements, made of inert materials located in the objects’ layers as they…

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QR codes made with 3D printing could draw greater attention than 2D barcodes

edible qr codes restaurant

R&D Technologies has come up with a unique new way to capture interest using quick response codes. It is difficult to go anywhere, anymore, without spotting QR codes on product packaging and on advertising materials, but at the same time, only a low percentage of those barcodes are scanned by consumers, who are very used to seeing them but the majority of whom has yet to start to using them. Marketers have been able to improve their results to a growing degree, but some are taking bigger steps to stand…

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