New QR code fad includes high tech tattoos

Though QR codes are becoming quite commonplace in various forms of advertising, both on screens and in print, they have now moved to a new location, as they have started to find their way onto the body in the form of tattoos. Fred Bosch, for example, has now had one of the barcodes permanently inked to his forearm. He has chosen to have a random results code added to his skin. This means that one can never tell where scanning the code will result. Though one person who scans it…

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Will mushroom company get magic results from QR code campaign?

QR Code

To-Jo Mushrooms, a fourth generation family-owned producer and distributor of fresh mushroom products, has announced that they will be introducing QR codes to their products. Initially, the codes will be featured on the packages of only a small number of fresh mushroom packs. The company is hoping to take advantage of the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices and believes that the codes will help them stand out in the minds of consumers. As part of their mobile marketing efforts, To-Jo has also produced a bevy of new…

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Simple technology delivers a wealth of information at QUT

Queensland University of Technology

Technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and leads the charge of human progress. Becoming synonymous with a number of industries, technology plays a vital role to the success of many ventures, whether they are public or private. Society has reached a point where the demand for more interactive technologies has grown too loud to ignore. This demand has led many businesses to adopt QR codes and mobile marketing to appease consumers. However, the codes are not limited to the field of business, as the Queensland University of Technology…

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Me, Me…notice ME!!!

It has been said that necessity is the mother of innovation. In trying economic times, this indeed seems to be true. Technology continues to progress and becomes more integrated with everyday. More people are making use of mobile devices today than ever before in the past. Of the multitude of mobile technologies available today, QR codes are standing out rather prominently. While technology may not be making everything easier, tools like QR codes are enabling people to perform in a much different capacity than in the past. The global recession…

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