QR codes enhance learning at Iowa school

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

The barcodes are being used to increase interactions in the lessons being taught to elementary school students. Van Meter Elementary, an Iowa school, is using QR codes to help to make learning more interactive for its students during their technology and library times throughout the week. By scanning the barcodes, the students are directed to specific websites relevant to the topics. Located near Des Moines, the school is moving forward with technology that will allow its students to scan QR codes in order to be able to view book reports…

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QR codes within 3D images help consumers find deals

With the ever increasing popularity of QR codes, the technology is always being used for new and innovative applications. Among the most recent is the use of QR codes for three dimensional hologram generation. The Marketing Ad Group has announced that it has achieved incorporation of QR codes into the message from its Holographic Greeter/Concierge. When these two types of technology were brought together, the outcome was the display of a holographic image displayed upon a cut-out that is life-size. The result is that the Holographic Greeter can be displayed…

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Best business practices with QR code mobile marketing

QR Code Content

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, 2D barcodes, and mobile barcodes, have rapidly been making their way into the mobile marketing environment, and NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., a leader in that industry’s technology, has published their list of the most effective ways to put them to use. Some of the points that they recommend include the following: • Starting early. They recommend that companies begin the use of QR codes and mobile marketing while the technology is still new and during the earliest parts of a campaign, so that…

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No more lines with paperless QR movie tickets

mobile commerce qr code Movie ticketing

Village Cinemas, an Australia based cinema chain, has launched their new QR code driven service that will help movie goers skip lines. Etickets are becoming a popular alternative to standing in line at the local theater. However, buying tickets online means either having to print them out at home or have them printed at the theater. Village aims to take advantage of this growing trend by offering a service that allows customers to buy tickets online but not have to worry about printing them later. By going to Village’s mobile…

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Will mushroom company get magic results from QR code campaign?

QR Code

To-Jo Mushrooms, a fourth generation family-owned producer and distributor of fresh mushroom products, has announced that they will be introducing QR codes to their products. Initially, the codes will be featured on the packages of only a small number of fresh mushroom packs. The company is hoping to take advantage of the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices and believes that the codes will help them stand out in the minds of consumers. As part of their mobile marketing efforts, To-Jo has also produced a bevy of new…

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Simple technology delivers a wealth of information at QUT

Queensland University of Technology

Technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and leads the charge of human progress. Becoming synonymous with a number of industries, technology plays a vital role to the success of many ventures, whether they are public or private. Society has reached a point where the demand for more interactive technologies has grown too loud to ignore. This demand has led many businesses to adopt QR codes and mobile marketing to appease consumers. However, the codes are not limited to the field of business, as the Queensland University of Technology…

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QR code buildings on the rise

MVRDV QR Code Building

QR coded architecture is new ground for the popular black and white barcode. Indeed, when one thinks of QR codes it seems reasonable to see a code on the side of a building rather than all over the building. However, architects at MVRDV, a global operating architecture firm, are already underway in making the world’s first QR coded building in Dijon, France. Apparently, the codes aren’t just for mobile marketing anymore. The building in question is, technically, already standing. The firm has chosen an abandoned factory, once the home of…

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Scanning your way to a better education

Information is becoming increasingly mobile. To keep up with technology, the West Virginia University Libraries will be using QR codes to help students gain quick access to the resources offered by the libraries. The codes can be scanned with smart phones that have barcode scanning applications. David Roth, a library associate, says the codes are a great way to bridge the gap between digital content and physical media. When scanned, the codes will resolve to the library’s mobile website. From there, students will be able to check the availability of…

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Creative Mood Tracking 2D Code Campaign

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, people are always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to implement advances in the field. QR codes, though already decades old, are garnering acclaim for their ability to foster an interactive experience between businesses and consumers. Retailers have begun using the codes to measure consumer participation and reception to their various campaigns. As the popularity of smart phones rises, so too does that of the codes. Best Buy is among many retailers that are utilizing QR codes. Unlike other companies, however,…

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2D codes used to help travelers navigate

The city of Port Townsend, Washington, has announced that it will be using QR codes and Microsoft Tags to their maps of the city. Town Graphics, a company that specializes in creating interactive maps, will be providing hand-drawn pictorial maps of the Olympic Peninsula Victorian town. The company has provided two mock-ups that provide proof of concept of the endeavor. The codes on the mock-up maps link to sponsors videos on YouTube. The company is making use of the versatility of the codes, taking advantage of the fact that the…

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QuickMark’s new 2d app for Mac

Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store

The new QuickMark now allows two-dimensional tags for the Mac OS X that can be bought for only $2.99 at the Mac App Store. The 2D tag enables the Mac to easily decipher URLs, location coordinates, address cards and plain texts. For the recently released QuickMark, it has a Quick Code format and is able to read both QR Code and Data Matrix, which are the standard 2D codes. Recently, the use of 2D codes has become very popular. They can now be found not only in the Internet but…

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