Simple technology delivers a wealth of information at QUT

Queensland University of Technology

Technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and leads the charge of human progress. Becoming synonymous with a number of industries, technology plays a vital role to the success of many ventures, whether they are public or private. Society has reached a point where the demand for more interactive technologies has grown too loud to ignore. This demand has led many businesses to adopt QR codes and mobile marketing to appease consumers. However, the codes are not limited to the field of business, as the Queensland University of Technology…

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Exclusive content linked to QR code “March Madness” campaign

The Off Shore Gambling Association (OSGA) will be celebrating March Madness today in Las Vegas and will be promoting their event through use of QR codes. The codes will be featured on clothing worn by the OSGA Girls and will be fully functional. Scanning the codes with a smart phone will take smart phone users to a mobile site where they can download content from the OSGA. Starting March 16th, anyone that scans the QR codes will be able to download exclusive content. The OSGA Insider Betting Guide to March…

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QuickMark’s new 2d app for Mac

Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store

The new QuickMark now allows two-dimensional tags for the Mac OS X that can be bought for only $2.99 at the Mac App Store. The 2D tag enables the Mac to easily decipher URLs, location coordinates, address cards and plain texts. For the recently released QuickMark, it has a Quick Code format and is able to read both QR Code and Data Matrix, which are the standard 2D codes. Recently, the use of 2D codes has become very popular. They can now be found not only in the Internet but…

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