Mobile commerce made up 10.2 percent of 2012 online sales

Mobile Commerce sales

Retailers selling through Bigcommerce saw one in ten purchases from smartphones and tablets. According to a report issued by Bigcommerce, the retailers that sold thorugh this vendor saw 10.2 percent of their sales generated from shoppers who were using mobile commerce on their smartphones and tablets. The report showed that among those purchases in 2012, iOS devices made up 84.6 percent. That meant that Apple mobile commerce was worth $84.3 million to those retailers in 2012. There are currently approximately 30,000 small and medium sized merchants around the world that…

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Mobile commerce will be a 2012 holiday shopping star

Holiday m-commerce shopping present

Black Friday through Cyber Monday has made it clear that smartphone shopping is a winner. The first full weekend of holiday shopping has clearly shown that mobile commerce was a major player from Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday, as consumers comparison shopped, read reviews, and made online purchases to avoid the lines. For retailers, this channel represents a major shift in the way that they need to reach out to customers. The success of mobile commerce so far has been tremendous in virtually all areas. In the…

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Visa stock rises as a result of mobile commerce growth

Mobile Commerce

Credit card giant’s share rises to $126 with positive outlook in quarterly report. Over the past few months, Visa has been watching its stock climb as it has unveiled various innovations and initiatives that have strengthened the company’s future outlook with investors in emerging markets and mobile commerce. The quarterly report from the company has shown that its performance has been very strong and that these favorable results will continue along with those of its competitors at American Express and MasterCard. For this reason, its stock estimate has been revised…

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Study shows mobile commerce local search will exceed desktop in 3 years

Mobile trends

According to a mobile commerce study performed by BIA/Kelsey, by the year 2015, local search volume over smartphones and tablets will have exceeded that from desktops. This same research is indicating that by the following year, the annual mobile local search will be greater than that performed from a desktop by over 27 billion queries. BIA/Kelsey senior analyst and program director of mobile local media, Michael Boland, explained that “Among the drivers of mobile local search is the fact that it happens further down the purchase funnel, compared with desktop…

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Study shows that 50% of U.S. smart phone owners have scanned QR codes

QR Code

A new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey, a mobile market research and analysis firm, shows that smart phone owners are still somewhat divided on how they feel about QR codes. The study focused on how people are using the QR codes they encounter. The codes have been used in a wide variety of marketing campaigns, mostly ones in which companies distribute discounts amongst consumers. Some codes are beginning to show up that, when scanned, allow consumers to make purchases. The study notes that discount distribution continues to be the most…

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