Tablet commerce focus lacking from many retailers

Tablet Commerce

Tablet CommerceThese mobile devices may hold a key to mobile success but are often being overlooked.

This holiday season is proving to be a defining time for the mobile marketplace and is allowing those involved in the industry, including marketers, brands, and retailers, to observe the difference between tablet commerce and the shopping that occurs on smartphones.

What is being discovered is that there is a massive need for publishers to focus on specific types of devices.

Experts are now saying that there is a significant need for a boost in investment for tablet commerce specific content development. A study was performed on this subject by an affiliate marketing network in the U.K. called Affiliate Window. What they discovered, and released in a new report, was that sales over smartphone and tablet commerce broke the 12 percent of online sales mark for the first time in November 2012. This doubled the percentage that was achieved in November 2011.

This type of mobile and tablet commerce data was recorded by many different analysis firms.

comScore included in its “Cyber Week” research that the fastest growing category recorded in November was digital subscriptions and content. This includes digital music, video, and ebook downloads. Their data showed that the increase in this category was 25 percent over that of last year.

This represents a rapidly increasing opportunity for companies, brands, and marketers to boost their tablet commerce functionality as opposed to concentrating exclusively on smartphone apps. This is based on the belief that consumers are more than willing to purchase digital content by way of their various mobile devices. It is considered to be an important indicator that t-commerce requires a subscription based revenue model.

KPCB data showed that in 2012, over 65 percent of mobile revenues will have come from applications, and the rest will have been generated through advertising. Together, along with the belief that smartphone and tablet commerce growth still has miles to go before it reaches its peak, these statistics indicate that there is a blossoming mobile economy that retailers would be foolish to ignore, as its importance will only increase over time.

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