Tab brings new mobile payments service to Toronto restaurants

Toronto Mobile payments

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum among high-end Canadian restaurants

Tab, a startup based in Toronto, Canada, has plans to bring mobile payments to high-end restaurants. The startup has already partnered with 18 of Toronto’s luxury restaurants in its endeavor to make expand mobile commerce and help businesses become more accommodating of mobile consumers. Mobile commerce is growing quickly throughout Canada as more people become reliant on their smartphones and tablets. Consumers are beginning to seek out businesses that offer mobile-centric services and tend to spend more on these businesses over the long term.

Tab aims to introduce more simplicity and convenience to the restaurant experience through mobile commerce

Restaurants have a great deal to gain by focusing on mobile commerce. Mobile services allow consumers to take advantage of the ability to skip long lines and wait periods, while also allowing consumers a more convenient way to pay for their meals. Tab is designed to cater to this interest, making the payment and tipping process automated. Tab also makes use of geolocation data to help users find restaurants that support mobile payments.

Convenience is one of the most attractive features of mobile commerce for most consumers

Toronto Mobile paymentsThe idea behind Tab is convenience, and this convenience is one of the most attractive features to mobile consumers. Mobile users favor services that are uncomplicated and effective at their purpose. This is one of the reasons why mobile commerce has become more attractive in recent years. Mobile services allow consumers to skip long wait times at restaurants and other businesses and even simplifies retail shopping by allowing people to pay for  products from their mobile device and pick up these products at a local store.

Servers to make use of iPad Mini devices in order to better serve those visiting their restaurants

Tab is supplying participating high-end restaurants with iPad Minis. Servers will be using these devices to check customers into their restaurants and see an online profile of whom they are serving. Tab believes that this will create a more personalized experience for consumers and help boost the efficiency of servers working at high-end restaurants.

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