Survey shows QR codes are the most popular mobile marketing tool

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

QR Code marketing

Advertisers begin adapting to changes in the mobile marketing landscape

Mobile marketing is evolving at a steady pace. New mobile technologies have made it easier for advertisers to get in touch with consumers. These consumers, many of whom are tethered to mobile devices, have shown themselves to be welcoming of mobile marketing strategies. As the landscape changes, marketers are beginning to change their tactics in order to adapt. A new survey from Chief Marketer, a marketing firm that provides information services to businesses, details the changing trends in the industry.

Marketers favor QR codes over other tools

According to the Chief Marketer Mobile Marketing Survey, QR codes have become the dominant tool for mobile marketing. The codes have long been a part of the industry, but have only recently begun generating buzz amongst advertisers and consumers. Many consumers have been divided on whether they like the codes, but advertisers have proven themselves to be enamored with the blocky barcodes. The survey shows that 68% of advertisers in the U.S. had made use of QR codes in 2011, up from 53% in 2010.

SMS marketing diminishes as geolocation and app ads grow in popularity

The survey also shows that the popularity of SMS marketing has been dropping, with 50% of marketers making use of the tactic in 2011, down from 59% in the previous year. Ads in smart phone applications are becoming more widespread as mobile applications become more popular with consumers. Geolocation marketing has also begun to take off due to the number of smart phones equipped with GPS technology.

QR codes could become the dominant force in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing continues to gain appeal with advertisers who believe that QR codes and other tools are a powerful way to connect with consumers. QR codes have proven themselves to be the most valuable tool in a marketer’s arsenal and Chief Marketers expects to see the trend of advertisers making use of QR codes continue to grow. If growth remains steady, QR codes may become as common in the U.S. as they are in Japan.

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