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New survey aims to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from certain brands

PricewaterhousCoopers, a multinational professional services network, has released the results of a new survey concerning wearable technology. The survey has collected information from 1,000 respondents and is meant to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from various brands. Over the past few years, there has been some question as to whether or not consumers would show any interest in wearable devices. Because these devices offer few features that cannot be found on a conventional smartphone, consumer interest in wearable technology has been relatively lax until very recently.

Many people would be interested in a wearable device coming from Starbucks

The survey shows that 18% of respondents are somewhat or very interested in wearable technology coming from McDonald’s. Another 27% of respondents said they would be interested in devices coming from Starbucks, with 26% claiming interest in a Coca-Cola wearable device. These brands have no plans to launch a wearable device in the foreseeable future, but consumers are interested in such products nonetheless.

Apple, Amazon, and Google lead the way when it comes to consumer interest in wearables

wearable technology watch mobileThe survey shows that people are primarily interested in wearable tech coming from Apple. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have also received attention for their plans to release wearable devices. Google is currently one of the few companies that actually has wearable technology available on the commercial market, though mostly in software form. The company’s Android Wear platform is used to power a variety of smartwatches and fitness bands and is expected to be used in future devices released by other companies.

Attrition may be a problem for the wearables market

The survey highlights some serious issues as well. Some 33% of wearable tech users are expected to abandon their device after a year. Considering how expensive some next generation wearable devices are likely to be, many people may not be able to justify purchasing a device and using it for a relatively short period. The survey also found that 70% of respondents said they would use a wearable device provided by their employer in exchange for lower insurance rates on health policies.

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