Survey highlights the growing comfort consumers have with mobile payments

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Survey finds that consumers are becoming more favorable to the idea of mobile commerce

A new survey from Bizrate Insights shows that online shoppers in the United States are showing more favor for mobile commerce. The idea of using a smartphone or other mobile device to pay for products online and at physical stores is quite attractive. Convenience is part of the reason why mobile payments have gained more popularity among consumers. The survey shows that many consumers like the idea of replacing their wallets with a mobile device, which can store a wide range of information relatively easily.

40% of consumers in the US are willing to use payment services

The survey found that 40% of consumers in the United States are interested in mobile payments. These consumers want to use services like Apple Pay in order to pay for products in physical stores and when shopping online. The survey notes that consumers appear to favor services that offer the most convenience and security concerns may be enough to drive consumers away from certain platforms.

32% of consumers see Apple Pay as a secure alternative to payment cards

women mobile payments purseWhether or not Apple Pay will become the world’s next great mobile commerce platform has yet to be seen. Though the new mobile payments service is already quite popular, consumers are still unconvinced that it is a more secure alternative to traditional payment cards. The survey found that 32% of shoppers consider Apple Pay to be a secure solution, with the majority of consumers favoring traditional payment methods.

Younger consumers are more prone to participate in mobile commerce

The survey found that younger generations are more likely to participate in mobile commerce than older generations. These consumers typically grew up steeped in technology, especially that of the mobile variety, and are quite comfortable with the concept of mobile payments. Security is still a concern for these consumers, of course, as they have also taken note of several high-profile cyber attacks that have been made against several retailers that have entered into the mobile commerce market.

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