Study shows that consumers are eager for mobile coupons, but few receive them

Mobile Commerce

Mobile CouponsA recent study from the Mercator Advisory Group…

an independent market research and analytic firm based in the U.S., suggests that the demand for mobile coupons is growing, but few people are getting such items.

Mobile coupons are a growing trend in the world of mobile marketing and commerce. These digital coupons are often used as an incentive to encourage mobile consumers to scan a QR code or interact with an NFC-based advertisement. These coupons can be used at retail stores for savings or to redeem a reward.

According to the report, 55% of mobile consumers in the U.S. are interested in receiving mobile coupons, especially through interaction with NFC technology. The report notes, however, that only 10% of consumers have ever received a coupon. Those that have not received a coupon claim that they were lead to believe that they would receive one by participating in some sort of advertisement. This has left some consumers dissatisfied and disinclined to participate in mobile marketing campaigns in the future.

The Mercator Advisory Group believes that the current market is ripe for this type of incentive. The firm claims that merchants should take mobile incentives more seriously, especially as mobile commerce grows in popularity amongst consumers. Many businesses have, thus far, been eager to adopt mobile technology and marketing strategies, but few have been able to employ these strategies with great success.

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