Study reveals top consumer mobile shopping peeves

geolocation mobile shopping

Recent research has now revealed some of the biggest complaints shoppers have about m-commerce.

Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity, recently released the results of a survey it conducted with the participation of 100,000 online shoppers in order to better understand the way they felt about the mobile shopping experience.

Even though mobile commerce is gaining ground, the experience is still clearly falling short of consumer expectations.

The research showed that consumers are dissatisfied by the fact that they are still required to pinch and zoom in order to see images and read text. They don’t like having to wait through the slow wait times, and are put off by inconsistent availability of products. This insight indicates that retailers have, so far, fallen short of what consumers truly want from their mobile shopping experience and that they still have some distance to travel before they are able to put out mobile apps and websites that will satisfy consumers.

Although mobile shopping is still rising at a quick rate, the complaints consumers have remain considerable.

geolocation mobile shoppingAccording to the vice president of Bizrate Insights, Hayley Silver, “The number one mobile pain point that one-third of all online shoppers cited was the need to constantly enlarge their screen in order to click the right thing.” She went on to point out that the experience over mobile devices continues to require a shopper to zoom to see or access what they want, not only causing them frustration, but also leading to many “misclicks”, which unintentionally send the site or app user to the wrong destination.

Considering that load time remains too high for consumer comfort, that trend leads to even higher frustration while boosting the bounce rate of a website. To overcome the misclick issue, the recommendation made by Bizrate Insights was to pad the size of the clickable link by a few pixels within the borders of clickable images or buttons. In this way, it helps to decrease the risk of accidentally tapping the edge of a linked image.

The mobile shopping survey showed that 33 percent of consumers dislike having to enlarge the screen, first, to ensure they click the right place, while 25 percent dislike slow loading times. Another 21 percent resent having to use the full site in order to gain access to what they want from the website and 17 percent don’t like mobile sites where the text is too small to comfortably read.

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