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Studies show consumers are using their smartphones to become educated shoppers

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Mobile Shopping Trends

A pair of studies are showing that now, more than ever, consumers are using their mobile devices to educate themselves regarding the details and prices of products before they make a purchase.

Invodo, an e-tailing group, has released a report entitled “Deliver superior shopping experiences via video: consumer insights and retail execution”, based on their research, which has indicated that within the three months prior to being surveyed, 49 percent of smartphone users, and 61 percent of tablet users have watched a product video on the screen of their device. This suggests that mobile video is a tremendous opportunity to be added to the mobile strategy of retailers.

Though mobile video has already been receiving a significant amount of attention, as a whole, the focus has not been placed on using those videos to enhance the shopping experience of consumers in any significant way.

Similarly, the results of a new study from Forrester Research has shown that 56 percent of smartphone owners are using their devices to perform research when they are shopping. It also pointed out that there is a growing gap between the behaviors of smartphone users and tablet computer users, which indicates that marketers should be treating campaigns for those two devices differently.

The title of the Forrester Research study report was “Mobile Marketing: Not the same on tablets and smartphones” and, according to a social and emerging media analyst from the company, Elizabeth Shaw, “Brands cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing across mobile devices.” She explained that the mobile context of each device must be carefully considered and applied to the strategies that are implemented.

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