SquareScan aims to revitalize QR codes

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QR code mobile phoneSquareScan launches new platform to push QR codes into a new era

Despite some criticism and lackluster participation from consumers, QR codes continue to be a powerful mobile marketing tool that have promising potential in terms of engagement. SquareScan, a company specializing in QR codes, has launched a new website and services that aim to revolutionize the way businesses use QR codes and provide dynamic content to consumers. Though QR codes are waning with consumers, SquareScan may be able to provide companies with the tools they need in order to connect with consumers through the use of these barcodes.

Company offers code generating and analytics services

SquareScan offers a QR code-generating service that allows businesses to develop and produce their own codes. This is not the only service offered to businesses, of course, as code generation is widely available online for free. SquareScan also offers a tracking and analyzing services so that businesses using QR codes as part of a marketing campaign can keep track of the performance of their codes. The company’s platform can also share information with its users through the use of QR codes, providing them with an easy way to access the data they want to see about their campaigns and the performance of the codes that they are using.

QR codes continue to be popular with marketers

QR codes are powerful marketing tools because they appeal specifically to mobile consumers. These consumers can scan the codes with their smart phones or tablets to access information on products, special offers from retailers, or be directed to a website that facilitates mobile payments. The codes are most popular in Japan, but their use has been growing in recent years and they have become one of the favored tools of the advertising industry when it comes to engaging mobile consumers.

Two account types available from SquareScan

SquareScan offers two levels of access to its QR code platform. The first is designed for consumers and is free to use. This free access does not include some of the more professional services offered by the platform. The second account level is designed for businesses, which can access all the features the platform has to offer for a modest fee.

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