Sport Chalet introduces new mobile commerce site for smartphone users

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Sport Chalet has unveiled its new mobile website which offers consumers a number of different features and tools that can be used with their smartphones and tablets, such as real-time inventory checks and hero shots.

The sports equipment and apparel site, which also has brick-and-mortar locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, as well as a successful e-commerce site for the regular web, has launched its new mobile site that is so rich in features that one would typically expect it to have been designed for a PC, including a rotating home page banner.

Sport Chalet, a site that provides automatic redirection to the m-commerce site for mobile customers who have entered the standard website’s URL into their mobile browser, is currently rotating among three hero shots on the home page. The first is for running gear, the second is for workout gear in the Adidas Techfit brand, and the last is for fishing equipment. That said, both the standard and mobile site offer a range of different sports equipment and apparel options, such as discount climbing gear and clothing.

The brand new mobile commerce website was created and constructed by the Mad Mobile m-commerce vendor, which has already provided many popular retailers with their mobile sites, such as Claire’s and CafePress. That company is also working on several others, such as for Toshiba Direct and Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Beyond the crisp images available on the standard Sport Chalet homepage, it also displays a large box, which fills about one quarter of the entire page. In this box, the new mobile site is drawing attention to the existence of the mobile site. It announces a number of different ways in which consumers can use the features on the mobile optimized website, such as checking the in-store availability of products at the physical locations of the stores, locating the closest stores, researching and obtaining information about the various products, and purchasing items directly through the mobile commerce site.

According to the Pure Oxygen mobile marketing firm founder and president, Brian Klais, “I love their use of Ajax web technology to create a more optimal page experience than you find on typical m-commerce sites.”

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