Social media marketing spending over mobile will reach $200 billion

mobile Social media marketing

This forecast is expected to be reached by 2017 according to a report that was released this week.

Strategy Analytics has just issued a report which details its forecasts regarding spending on consumer social media marketing over mobile, and that it will increase from the $161 billion that it reached last year to $200 billion by 2017.

The amounts included in the data and the forecasts include a number of different forms of content consumption.

The mobile social media marketing spending in the report was making reference to the content that is consumed through a smartphone, including browsing over the handset, smartphone apps, music, games, video, TV, and even alerts, ringtones, and wallpapers. The projections were published in a report called “Global Mobile Media Forecast: 2001-2017” by Strategy Analytics.

Social media marketing google+ facebookWhat was determined was that mobile social media marketing will be an important driver of smartphone data adoption.

According to the report, when all was said and done, it would be apps, games, web browsing and social media marketing service that would be responsible for pushing smartphone data adoption forward. This would be enabled by an increasing installed base of smartphones focused on media as well as data pricing with greater flexibility.

The Wireless Media Strategies research program director, Nitesh Patel, said that “Going forward the challenge will be driving mobile media growth in less mature mobile data markets, where a large portion of users have basic or feature phones, remain served by 2G networks, but where demand for information, content and entertainment on mobile devices will be strong.” He added that service oriented pricing and casual data tariffs will be needed within these areas, especially as it is more common to be able to find devices at a low price.

The greater absorption of mobile social media marketing is making it possible to monetize smartphone content on an increasing basis. Ads in this area are becoming a revenue stream with growing importance, managing to over triple themselves to break $42 billion by 2017. It has predicted that they will account for 18 percent of the total mobile media spending by that time.

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