Social media marketing options from Facebook open to all advertisers

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The company has now announced that its “Audience Network” mobile ad platform to all developers and marketers.

Facebook has now taken another leap in its mobile social media marketing businesses and is working to give its options and revenues through the channel accessed by smartphone and tablet users.

This opens up yet another opportunity for mobile marketing firms interested in using Facebook to its fullest.

Facebook’s Audience Network was first announced as a new tool for businesses to use social media marketing with ad targeting features that advertise more effectively on other apps. For example, Shazam has used the Audience Network for selling native ads from inside of its own application, which included a Uniqlo ad.

The social media marketing tool for mobile ads is now being opened up to all businesses.

social media marketing mobileAccording to a Facebook software engineer, Tanya Chen, “Facebook’s 1.5 million advertisers can now extend their Facebook campaigns to the Audience Network with just one click.” She added that “This gives our publishers and developers access to a huge pool of demand that includes many of the best brands that advertise on Facebook. It also means people see ads from the brands they care about.”


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Among the publishers that have already been using this mobile advertising network from Facebook are Shazam, Le Monde, Zynga, and MyD. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and co-founder of the social network explained that they have done a considerable amount of work over recent years in offering products that would assist marketers in being able to “build and grow your apps”. He added that this is the first true opportunity for the social network to assist in monetizing over the mobile channel.

Mobile advertising have traditionally been seen as a weak component of social media marketing, but Facebook has been managing to convert it into a primary revenue growth driver. The ad revenue over this channel from Facebook exploded to $1.66 billion in the last quarter. When compared to the same time in 2013, it had more than doubled. Moreover, it is now representing 62 percent of the total advertising revenue brought in by Facebook.

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