Social media marketing analytics dashboard comes to Twitter

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The social network has now launched a new set of features to help in the optimization of strategies.

Twitter has now upgraded its analytics dashboard in order to give its users the ability to measure impressions of tweets and the engagement that they generate, in addition to the performance that is achieved by social media marketing over time.

The hope is that it will assist Twitter users in being able to “effectively optimize their content strategy”.

The Analytics tab at can now be accessed by verified users, Twitter Card publishers, and advertisers, in order to be able to measure the success of their social media marketing efforts. It will give them information regarding the number of users who have viewed their tweets on desktops and mobile devices, it will provide the number of engagements (that is, the number of mentions, favorites, retweets, and link clicks), and it will provide the engagement rate in the form of a percentage.

This feature has been long waited for by social media marketing companies who have sought to track their results.

Twitter Mobile social media marketingThe Twitter analytics will also offer a featured graph that will provide them with the calculation of the number of organic impressions that have occurred over the last 28 days on the tweets earned on an account.

According to the blog post that made the announcement, “On Twitter, nothing comes between your Tweets and your followers.” This may provide quite a bit of accuracy, as well, as Twitter does not employ an algorithm – as is the case with Facebook – that decides which posts will and will not be seen by its users. That said, this statement could be misleading to some users who find themselves viewing engagement numbers that are lower than anticipated through their analytics dashboards.

An explanation for this social media marketing figures discrepancy was offered by Marketing Land, which said that the numbers may seem lower than expected for each tweet since the analytics do not take into account the statistics generated through third party Twitter apps. Therefore, the data is more useful for determining overall performance value as opposed to examining specific tweet performances.

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