Smartwatch from adds interesting competition for Apple smartwatch

The wearable technology device from the performer has now been launched with considerable hype.

The smartwatch that has been expected from for several months has now been launched and has been gaining considerable media interest, but has also been leading the share prices of associated companies – such as a small British business that has supplied the device music system – to soar.

These wearables were designed by The Black Eyed Peas front man and rapper and launched in San Francisco.

The smartwatch currently finds itself in competition with options from a range of different technology giants such as Samsung, but its true rival is expected to appear on store shelves in the early part of 2015 when the Apple Watch becomes available for purchase. The wearables from have Bluetooth capability to connect it to the internet. However, unlike the Apple Watch, which was unveiled in September, this device will not need to connect to a smartphone in order to be fully functional.


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This smartwatch has been designed with a curved screen instead of a flat one, as is the case with the Apple Watch. smartwatchThe device has a considerable focus on music. It is able to store it and can use its internet connection in order to update it. It is believed that London-based 7digital and have come to a number of agreements with certain major record labels, which will make it possible for each music group and artist to be treated equally through the deal. This would provide a considerable edge over other music services, which have experienced problems, in the past, with respect to offering different rates to big labels and independent music producers.

Though best known for his musical career, is also Intel’s director of creative innovation. He first demoed the prototype of the smartwatch back in April, when he appeared on Allan Carr: Chatty Man, on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. He also brought the device to the last season of The Voice. The device differentiates itself from its rivals by providing a standalone experience that can do everything from making and receiving calls to connecting with the internet, all without having to connect to a smartphone.

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